Ethel Disain OÜ, registry code 12340965, Riia mnt. 127, Pärnu 80042 (hereinafter Store Manager) and the customer, placing an order in an e-store HTTP://WWW.ETHEL.EE managed by Ethel Disain OÜ and identifying themselves by entering personal information in the order form (hereinafter Customer), have agreed as follows.

1. General terms

1.1 In mutual relations, contractual parties adhere to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and other legal acts and terms agreed upon in the User Agreement.

1.2 Store Manager shall have the right to make any changes in the services offered in the e-store. 1.3 Store Manager shall have the right to unilaterally change the terms of the User Agreement without prior notification.

2. Products and purchasing

2.1 All products displayed might not be in stock.

2.2 If a product is out of stock and an order cannot be fulfilled, an employee of the e-store will contact the Customer in 3 (three) workdays at the latest. In such case, a possible delivery time will be provided or the product shall be replaced with an equivalent product with the same price and quality. If the Customer does not agree to the new terms, they have the right to decline the offer and any sums already paid will be returned to them.

2.3 Product descriptions listed in the e-store may not be complete and may include involuntary mistakes.

2.4 The Customer who picks out products they wish to order undertakes to provide information required for fulfilling the order (surname, first name, contact phone, e-mail address, delivery address, postal code, method of payment).

2.5 The Customer undertakes to submit truthful information that is necessary for fulfilling the order. Store Manager takes no responsibility for failure to fulfil the order or any related results arising from inaccurate information having been submitted.

3. Prices

3.1 Basic prices of all products sold in the e-store are presented in Euros.

3.2 Store Manager shall have the right to change displayed prices at any time.

3.3 If the Store Manager has made changes in the prices in the e-store after the Customer has placed an order and already made a payment, respective products shall be delivered to the Customer with prices that were in force when the order was placed. The Customer shall have no rights to demand compensation for the price difference.

4. Delivery period and terms

4.1 Orders placed in the e-store shall be processed on the same day.

4.2 Guaranteed delivery period of products is 14 workdays unless specified otherwise. In general, the delivery time of products is less than 4 workdays. In the case of failure to deliver a product within 14 days, we will immediately inform you of such circumstances. If you wish, you will have the right to cancel the order and we will refund your payment.

4.3 Depending on the availability, the goods will be delivered on the agreed delivery time to the delivery address specified in order details. The goods will be handed over only to the Customer. The goods will only be handed over to third parties upon a prior agreement with the Customer.

4.4 The Customer can choose between the following delivery methods: 1. Courier parcel 2. Postal parcel 3. Parcel terminal

5. Withdrawal from the Contract prior to execution of the Contract by Store Manager

5.1 If the Customer wishes to withdraw from the Contract after placing an order and prior to execution of the Contract by the Store Manager, they undertake to immediately notify Store Manager of such wish in writing. A written notification must be sent to the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; also, a verbal notification can be given by calling +372 5667 0008. The e-mail must include the order number, from which the Customer wishes to withdraw, and Customer’s contact information (first name, surname, order date, contact phone).

5.2 If the application for withdrawal reaches the Store Manager after the latter has already fulfilled their contractual obligations, the withdrawal shall take place according to chapter „Right of return“. 5.3 Store Manager refunds the paid amount to the Customer not later than within 15 days from receiving the withdrawal request.

5.4 Money shall be returned on the same bank account from which the Store Manager received the payment.

6. Right of return

6.1 A 14-day right of return applies to all goods purchased from the e-store.

6.2 The right of return does not apply to custom products (e.g. customer has requested a picture or slogan to be printed on a T-shirt)

6.3 Returnable products must be without defects, complete, in original packaging and unused.

6.4 After the goods have been returned, the Customer will be refunded not later than within 15 days from the date of return.

6.5 Money shall be returned on the same bank account from which the Store Manager received the payment.

6.6 The Customer bears all transportation costs in connection with using the 14-day right of return. 6.7 Transportation costs related to returning goods due to seller’s responsibilities shall be covered by Ethel Disain OÜ.

6.8 If, upon return, it becomes evident that returned goods do not meet the requirements specified in the User Agreement, no refunds will be issued.

7. Personal information

7.1 The Customer gives a clear and informed consent to the Store Manager for processing their personal information.

7.2 Personal information entered when placing an order will be entered to a customer register and used for providing sales services and making offers to the Customer.

7.3 The source of personal information is the emergence of a customer relationship upon registering an order in the e-store.

7.4 Registered personal information concerns information regarding the Customer’s order (family name, first name, street, house, apartment number, settlement or town, postal code, phone number, year of birth, sex, method of delivery, payment method, accepting the User Agreement, subscribing for sales offers by e-mail, additional comments).

7.5 Personal information that is required for delivering the goods to the Customer can also be forwarded to a company providing courier services.

7.6 Store Manager undertakes not to disclose registered personal information to third parties.

7.7 Store Manager shall maintain the right to disclose information regarding the Customer in circumstances where it will be disclosed to a person processing such information in order to fulfil a legal obligation, meanwhile having legal authorization for such actions, or if it is done for the protection of Customer’s health or freedom.

7.8 The Customer shall have the right to manage, change or delete their personal information from the register.

7.9 The Customer shall grant consent to the Store Manager for sending an order confirmation on their e-mail address upon placing an order.

7.10 The Customer shall grant consent to the Store Manager to send sales offers on the e-mail address entered while placing the order, on condition that they have checked the respective confirmation box on the order page.

8. Terms of Use

8.1 Reading the terms of the User Agreement is mandatory to the Customer.

8.2 When checking the box “I agree with the terms of use and will fulfil them unconditionally” while placing an order, the Customer confirms that they have read the Terms of Use, understood them and agree with the terms specified in the User Agreement.

9. Managing disputes

9.1 In case of deficiencies, the Customer shall have the right to submit a claim to the seller within two years, starting from the delivery date of the goods. The claim must be submitted immediately, but not later than within two months from the discovery of the defect. In order to simplify solving possible future disputes, the consumer should definitely keep purchase documentation (invoice, contract, order, etc.) that prove that the goods were purchased from the e-store of Ethel Disain OÜ. Without documentation proving the sale, the seller shall have the right to decline from handling the claim.

9.2 A claim can be submitted regarding production and material flaws.

9.3 The term for submitting a claim shall start from the purchase date of the goods.

9.4 An expert assessment will be performed by Ethel Disain OÜ or the manufacturer, in order to define the deficiency and its causes.

9.5 Independent expert assessment – additional expert assessment for charge, performed on Customer’s request, in case if the Customer does not agree with the results of the expert assessment performed by Ethel Disain OÜ.

9.6 A claim shall not be accepted if Ethel Disain OÜ proves that deficiencies found have occurred on the Customer’s own fault.

9.7 If the product that is the subject of the claim has been discontinued by the manufacturer, Ethel Disain OÜ shall take the right to replace the product with an equivalent product upon the Customer’s agreement.

10. Responding to e-mails

10.1 E-mail correspondences will take place either in Estonian or English


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